Fili & Flora

Fili & Flora is founded by Maddy, a qualified language teacher (French, Spanish and Italian), who was inspired to create an educational product that would help parents to teach their children at home. She decided she would take an arty approach to the traditional abc flash cards and illustrate ideas that were engaging, current and super cute!

Since developing the alphabet set, Fili & Flora continues to create educational products that promote mindfulness and diversity. Their aim is not only to educate children by boosting their literacy and maths skills, but also to broaden their minds to other important aspects of today’s society.

Each little drawing will make you say ‘aww’ and objects that you could never imagine having a cute face are given a cute little smile. Their aim is for your children to love their products, but more importantly that you as parents love them too, because after all you will be the ones guiding them through those first important skills and lessons.

Oscar & B are very excited to be offering these loveable, funny and inspiring  flash cards and look forward to expanding the range soon.

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